Welcome to Scribbles & Wanderlust!

I’m Laura, and I’d like to say I’m a professional fangirl — but I’m sure my actual professional title (literary agent) reflects “fangirl” just fine. Whenever I’m not reading for work or the blog, I’m drinking tea and watching British television dramas with my fluffy black cat Rossetti, singing in choir or playing handbells, or planning the next big travel destination with my husband.

There are a variety of books, authors, and genres I read and review. In adult fiction, I adore women’s fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy. In YA I enjoy contemporary, historical fiction, and fantasy. What I read for fun I also represent, so take a peek at my MSWL (detailed here on the blog, and on the MSWL website). Since I’m always so stinkin’ proud of my clients, I will announce recent deals on the blog as well.

Here I’ll also post reviews whenever I can of books I’ve been reading, as well as updates on life in my “If We Were Having Coffee” personal posts.

Thanks for stopping by!



You may email scribblesandwanderlust(at)gmail(dot)com for any blog related questions and conversation! Please do not send queries through the blog email. All queries sent to the gmail account will be ignored/rejected. Send all queries to the email address listed on TriadaUS’s website after researching the best fit (agency and agent) for the manuscript.